Se pieni näkymätön este

“No. I can´t tell you the truth.
I couldn´t, Don´t you understand?”

– “No. Im not glad, but I couldn´t say it to you.
I smile because I´ll try to protect you but silently inside, I scream.”
– “Isn´t my trnasparent meanness enoughly obvious a scream for help?”
– “I understand. The whole world is screaming and it makes one deaf.”
– “Imagine what we would be saved from, if we just weren´t so afraid of each other
and build unneeded gaps to protect ourselves and prejudices.”
– “Why is it so hard to confess that one thinks the same things?”
– “We all no each other well enough to know.”
– “We just want confort and happiness to everyone.

Testailin Temperan 4:sta sellaisille ultrakiiltäville papereille joille olen yrittänyt keksiä jotakin käyttöä.
Tätä voinee pitää myös jonkinlaisena tajunnanvirtaisena temaattisena vastineena Marin tuoreeseen päivitykseen.

Just testing how the Tempera nro 4 fake fur-brush works on different papers.
This might be also considered as some sort of reply to a recent post on Maris blog.
(Sorry for so rough subtitles on this one.)